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Maximize your Scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) tax credit

RD Manager
RD Manager

Each year, more than $ 4 billion are granted refunds and SR&ED tax credits.

Whether it is to structure your SR&ED projects or to know your tax credits in real time or to fully product your SR&ED claims, RD Manager has everything you need to help you achieve that. This software is specifically developed according to the eligibillity criteria of the Canada Reveny Agency SR&ED program.
For more information, visit www.rdmanager.ca

Have the right facts all the time

Its ease of use can even allow some access level to external collaborators: banker, accountant, Eng firm, etc. The potential synergy generated by this kind of online collaboration can facilitate technological advances, but also the financing of real-time projects via a line of credit or a loan related to the development of technologies.

RD Manager allows companies to make provisions based on credits receivable, plan research budgets and optimize their tax credits by offering the ability to collect data from the projects start RD Manager manages projects per fiscal years and offers continuing archiving of projects and the related documentation.

Science and technology, large solutions come from small details. Maximize every item available through R&DD Manager