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Industry 4.0. the fourth industrial revolution of the modern era. You’re rather be a forerunner of this new technological era than a spectator !


To survive, Quebec companies must focus on the integration of new technologies

Our business specializes in product design, selling and after implementation services. To stay ahead of competition or even outpace them, manufacturing and retails businesses need to computerize their operation and production.
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In a nutshell, they need to innovate to deliver high value products, reduce costs and lead times, minimize losses and extend the life cycle of their products.

The FABRIQ software solution allows: organizational innovation, allowing to rethink the organization workplace or its way of doing things, modify the supply chain, restructure its activities, review knowledge management, having a clear vision of the entire business.

  • Avoid repetitive data entry by unifying operations
  • Optimize information flow between various systems
  • Providing a company overview, know the crucial points
  • Customization of the order process( e-commerce), planning, supply, manufacturing, communication, delivery, billing.